USS Biddle DDG-5
(May 5, 1962 - July 28, 1964)
Captain Nicolas Biddle
1750 - 1778
USS Claude V. Ricketts DDG-5
(July 28, 1964 - October 31, 1989)
Admiral Claude V. Ricketts
1906 - 1964
DDG-5: The Big Nickel

If you served on board when she was either the USS Biddle (May 5, 1962 - July 28, 1964) or the USS Claude V. Ricketts (July 28, 1964 - October 31, 1989) please take time to register.  After you register you'll be able to sign in to the The Big Nickel Forums where you can reminisce with other shipmates, spin sea stories, and post any pictures you may have of your time on board.  A list of all registered shipmates is maintained in the Crew Roster and a special tribute to the crew who participated in the NATO Mixed Manned Demonstration between June, 1964 and December, 1965.
Welcome to The Big Nickel.  This site is dedicated to all those who served aboard the USS Biddle DDG-5 and, after she was re-commissioned, the USS Claude V. Ricketts DDG-5.  I call the site The Big Nickel simply because a few of us used to call her that when I was on board (August 1964 to March 1968) and the name stuck with me.
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